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‘Bundle Of Innocence’ Cowering In Bustling Shipyard, Perks Up At Her Voice

Written by: Julie Hunt
| Published on September 27, 2023

At the bustling shipyard checkpoint along the river Kama, a small, frightened puppy went unnoticed among the noise and activity. With no owner or family in sight, the puppy’s vulnerability was apparent. Amid the crowd, a compassionate young girl named Angelina noticed the puppy and couldn’t bear to see him suffer alone. She approached him, offering her hand in a gesture of trust. The sweet puppy cautiously sniffed her and then nuzzled against her. Angelina scooped him up into her arms, held him close to her chest, and promised to take care of him.


Naming the puppy Kama after the river where he was found, Angelina provided him with warmth, nourishment, and unwavering love. Under her care, Kama gradually began to heal from his past hardships and discover the simple joys of life. His fear melted away, replaced by a growing sense of trust and affection. Kama learned to play with Angelina, and his once-timid demeanor gave way to boundless happiness.


As Kama grew more open and relaxed, he started to greet new people with a wagging tail and a friendly smile, becoming a beloved presence in the community that had once overlooked him. With Angelina’s kindness and care, Kama transformed from a frightened, lonely puppy into a happy, trusting companion. Their relationship proves that with love and compassion even the deepest wounds can heal.

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