Kate Middleton Makes Her Dog Jealous By Cuddling Adorable Therapy Puppy

The royal family is full of dog lovers, including Queen Elizabeth, who adores Corgis, and Meghan Markle, who helps rescue dogs. In a recent video, Kate Middleton proved that she loves dogs just as much as the other royals.

The Duchess of Cambridge spent some time with a therapy puppy in training. Prince William also got to cuddle the adorable fluff ball, but it’s unclear who the puppy loves more. The couple’s interactions with the tiny pup warmed the hearts of many, and Kate suspects that it also made her family’s dog jealous.

William and Kate Family

Therapy Pup Melts Hearts

The Duke and Duchess met the 10-week-old Cockapoo named Alfie at the Clitheroe Community Hospital in England. They were thanking frontline healthcare workers for the amazing dedication they’ve had during the pandemic. As they shared their gratitude, the tiny puppy caught their eyes.

“We’re so grateful for all your hard work,” Prince William said to the healthcare workers. “I’m not sure there are enough words to say how grateful everyone is for what you have done.”

Kate Middleton Cuddling Puppy

Kate and William each took turns holding the pup in their arms. Alfie snuggled close to Kate, and he kissed William on the cheek. He seemed to adore every human that was willing to give him attention.

Alfie is currently being trained to provide comfort to patients at the hospital. An experienced therapy dog named Jasper has already been showing him how it’s done.

Prince William holds puppy

Jealousy Arises

While William and Kate met the therapy puppy, the Duchess joked that their dog might get upset. Dogs often give us disapproving looks if they smell another dog on us, so that’s likely what happened when the couple got home.

William and Kate currently have one dog, whose name hasn’t been stated publicly. The Cocker Spaniel puppy was a gift from Kate’s brother, James Middleton after their beloved dog named Lupo passed away.

Kate Middleton with therapy puppy

Alfie sure is adorable, but he will never replace William and Kate’s furry family member. If anything, the couple’s dog will be happy to hear that their humans were honoring essential workers during difficult times. The healthcare staff shared positive reactions after talking with the Duke and Duchess.

“That was great to hear because it’s not every day you get a royal visit to say thank you,” said Lisa Kay, the intensive home support service clinical lead. “It has been a huge morale boost.”

Watch the Adorable Interaction Here:

H/T: metro.co.uk
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