Katie Holmes And Daughter Suri Cruise Show Off Their Pampered Pups

During the coronavirus pandemic, many people have avoided stepping outside, especially celebrities. However, all the famous dog parents out there are left with no choice. Their dogs have to go for walks now and then. Luckily, that means lots of adorable dog photos for us.

Actress Katie Holmes and her 14-year-old daughter Suri Cruise have recently been seen out and about more often. They are usually seen with their two small dogs by their sides. Based on the many photos that have been posted, it’s clear that their pups are very spoiled and loved.

Suri Cruise and Her Dogs
Image: @SuriCruiseOfficial/Facebook

Holmes and Cruise have had their Chihuahua named Honey since 2014, but it’s unclear what the other small pup’s name is. It seems like they don’t want their adorable dogs to get caught up in all the fame. So, the only information that’s really known about them is that they love walks. Even during the coronavirus, the family gets out and about to give their dogs some fresh air.

A Walk in the Park

In recent photos of Holmes and Cruise, both women are wearing masks. Cruise usually wears a plain mask while her mom wears a floral mask. Both of them are trying to stay safe during these confusing times.

Katie Holmes Holding Dog
Image: Screenshot, News Updated YouTube

The family has been seen out and about multiple times throughout the pandemic recently. Once, Cruise was seen picking her dogs up from the groomer. She looked like a spitting image of her mom as she entered the building and exited with her two furry friends. Later, the teenager was also seen walking the pups while wearing a shirt that said ‘vote’.

The two dogs usually wear matching harnesses and leashes. Honey’s leash is bright pink while the other pup’s is blue. So, it’s likely that the other dog is a boy.

In the most recent photos of Holmes and Cruise, the two were seen carrying the dogs instead of walking them on a leash. It isn’t clear why, but in one photo, Cruise is carrying a dog bed with her. Perhaps they’re transporting the dogs to a different location.

Suri Cruise Holding Dog
Image: @SuriCruiseOfficial/Facebook

Quality Family Time

Of course, the coronavirus pandemic is difficult for everyone, but it has taught us to appreciate the little things. Holmes has spent a lot more time with Cruise and the dogs lately. Cruise is the only daughter between Holmes and her ex-husband, Tom Cruise, so spending quality time with family is important to both Holmes and her teenage daughter.

“I will say that this time of quarantine has been such a lesson,” said Holmes. “Just really looking at everything you have and celebrating the simplicity of making dinner and that time together… I’m very blessed.”

Suri Cruise Walking Dogs
Image: @SuriCruiseOfficial/Facebook

More time at home also means more time walking the dogs. We might not hear about these two pups in the media often, but they seem to be living the dream. With their humans home most of the time, they get more walks, and likely more cuddles too! So, hopefully all dogs are as lucky as these spoiled pups during the pandemic.

H/T: dailymail.co.uk
Featured Image: Screenshots, News updated YouTube

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