Kerry Washington Heartbroken After The Loss Of Her ‘Fur Baby’

Actress Kerry Washington didn’t have dogs growing up. So, before bringing home her Shih Tzu/Yorkshire Terrier mix Josie, she never knew how strong the bond between a human and a dog could be. But she felt closer to Josie than she did to nearly any human in her life. And that’s why it was so hard to say goodbye.

Josie recently passed away, but she had experienced a long, fulfilling life. Washington turned to Instagram to share an emotional tribute to her furry best friend.

Kerry Washing cuddling her dog
Image: @kerrywashington/Instagram

A Life Worth Remembering

Josie was loved by every human she interacted with. Washington revealed that the pup was a frequent visitor on the Scandal set. Costar Joshua Malina was Josie’s favorite human to visit. Washington joked that Malina liked the pup more than he liked her. But she understands considering how charming her sweet pup was.

Washington adores dogs and wanted Josie to have the best sendoff possible. So, she didn’t hold her emotions back when posting on social media. She wanted the world to know how important the dog was to her.

Kerry Washington Senior Shih Tzu
Image: @kerrywashington/Instagram

“I wasn’t aware of what this kind of love could look like or feel like. I didn’t understand how it would change me and transform my life,” said Washington. “To say that Josie was a member of our family doesn’t even come close. She was my fur baby companion girl, she was my partner. She went places with me and experienced things that no one else ever did or ever will.”

And anyone who’s ever loved a dog can understand Washington’s emotions. It’s clear that Josie left her mark on the world in the best ways possible.

Kerry Washington Holding Shih Tzu
Image: @kerrywashington/Instagram

Leaving an Impact

Washington wanted to do something in Josie’s honor that would help more dogs in need. So, she donated to Los Angeles-based rescue Wags and Walks in Josie’s name. The pup would be proud of her mom’s generous decision.

“Last night Josie crossed over and transitioned into a world beyond this one. And a piece of my heart went with her. We were so deeply blessed to have her for as long as we did. She brought so much joy into our home and into our lives and into the lives of almost everyone she met. I’m so grateful that she chose us,” wrote Washington.

Kerry Washington's Dog Passes Away
Image: @kerrywashington/Instagram

You never realize how much a dog can impact your life until you adopt one. Dogs stay by our sides through every up and down in life. As hard as it is to let them go, it’s a good feeling to know that you helped give them the best life possible.

Rest in peace, Josie. You were a very special pup.

Shih Tzu mix freshly groomed
Image: @kerrywashington/Instagram

Featured Image: @kerrywashington/Instagram

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