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We asked 59 real Bernese Mountain Dog owners the following question:

Do you have any tips for grooming a Bernese Mountain Dog?

Introduce brushing very early so they will get use to being brushed and groomed.

- Kim

Yes let the experts handle it.

- Amber

Gentle brushing on the belly and keep his sanitary area trimmed up v

- Kim

Brush regularly.

- Virginia

Frequent brushing

- Shannon

just needs to be done . I do it twice weekly. start as puppies so they get use to it


A metal tooth comb and an air blaster (which can be used on them dry, helps fluff out their coats and remove dead skin and debris from their fur, plus they look amazing after a good blast).

- Leah

1. make certain that groomers know how to groom Bernese 2. don't shave their fur in summer

- kathy

Regular brushing, you have to have a good dog blow dryer and high quality shampoo and conditioner

- Donna

Once a week most of the time, twice a week when he's shedding.

- Pam

Make sure that you get them used to having their feet and mouths touched.

- Meredith

Same as above

- Hollyce

Don't allow the fur to mat

- Robin

I do routine brushing every week or two. Self dog wash when needed depending on recent activities. They get regularly groomed every 4-6 months to keep them fluffy and healthy.

- Melissa

Find a great groomer and start taking them when they are young so they get used to it.

- Sandy

It's not so difficult grooming a Bernese. You need a good racken brush to brush out their under-coat. You have to brush them weekly at least. Also, feeding them quality food and fish oil pills gives them a shiny coat.

- Rivi

Keep up with brushing, a little everyday will keep a Berner clean and free of mats

- Jenn

Just brush and bathe

- Megan

Brush them regularly, use doggie wipes or spray (Earthbath all natural brand is great!), keep their butt hair trimmed!

- erin

Brush daily

- Penny

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