We asked 472 real Bernese Mountain Dog owners the following question:

Is your Bernese Mountain Dog good with children?

95% said Yes

5% said No

Showing 1 - 20 of 456 answers

Jen said: "Yes"

Playful, affectionate, gentle

Sherri said: "Yes"

He loves to play and is very gentle with them.

Holly said: "Yes"

Gentle. Curious.

Ann said: "Yes"


Margot said: "Yes"

He's calm around kids when off leash .. He has episodes of leash reactivity but doesn't usually bark at kids ..

Susan said: "Yes"

Lays down on the floor at their level.

Pat said: "Yes"

She plays with them

Stephanie said: "Yes"

Licks their hands

EMELIE said: "Yes"

He is only 5 months so sometimes his excitement gets the best of him but most of the time he is super gentle with them.

Julie said: "Yes"

Soft and loving.

Pamela said: "Yes"

Loving and interested. She was a Pet Partners Therapy Dog for 5 years

Cj said: "Yes"


Lynne said: "Yes"

Very gentle and loves the fuss.

Tom said: "Yes"

They all ahve been very loving, tolerant, as well as playful.

Ling said: "Yes"

Affectionate and gentle

Immy said: "Yes"

Respons very well to kids, but because of his age (11 months) he isnt allowed to play with them. He becomes too enthousiastic.

J said: "Yes"

Inquisitive, no aggression

Phil said: "Yes"

Bit boisterous at first but settles quickly

Lesa said: "Yes"

He loves them. Whenever he even hears young kids anywhere he wants to go see them.

Tic said: "Yes"

He keeps his distance but doesn't like being bothered by them and would rather be with adults.

Showing 1 - 20 of 456 answers


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