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We asked 65 real Bernese Mountain Dog owners the following question:

Roughly how often do you bathe your Bernese Mountain Dog?

0% said More than once a week

0% said Once per week

5% said A few times monthly

35% said Monthly

60% said Only when needed

Showing 1 - 20 of 47 answers

Kim said: "Monthly"

I have to go in the shower with him shutting the doors and start scrubbing away. He does not like showers.

Amber said: "Only when needed"

I like eartbath shampoo products

Laura said: "Monthly"

Take care of his skin

Leah said: "Only when needed"

Tried and tested many shampoos some of which caused major skin problems but Coatex Aloe/Oatmeal Shampoo has been a god send!

Donna said: "Only when needed"

Plan on several hours to wash and blow dry

Pam said: "Only when needed"

I let my groomer do it!

Hollyce said: "Only when needed"

Outside when it's cool and in the shade

Melissa said: "Only when needed"

Lots of hair, I recommend if doing it yourself to use a self dog wash otherwise your bathroom will be full of hair everywhere.

Sandy said: "Only when needed"

They go to groomer every 6-8 weeks

Rivi said: "Monthly"

I wash her at a self-serve dog wash. It is quite easy and much cheaper than taking to a groomer's.

Jenn said: "Only when needed"

A do-it-yourself dog wash facility or in an enclosed shower with a handheld sprayer.

Megan said: "Monthly"

Hose him down and wash him with soap

Ling said: "Monthly"

I take him to a groomer.

Derek said: "Monthly"

Find a place you can do it yourself and get ready to be wet

Nancy said: "Only when needed"

I have it professionally done. He doesn't like water!

Heathet said: "Only when needed"

Thick fur so do it in sections lather soap and rinse thoroughly each area, do face and head last. Have alot of towels ready for drying

Shelby said: "Only when needed"

Be ready to get wet. Also it's hard to get the under layer.

Julie said: "Only when needed"

Bathe outside or have a professional do it.

Karen said: "Monthly"

Pay someone or take it to a self dog wash place.

Jody said: "Only when needed"

Ours hates water. Luckily he's not a smelly dog. And his skin tends to be on the dry side. So he only gets a bath about once a year.

Showing 1 - 20 of 47 answers


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