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We asked 314 real Boxer owners the following question:

What's the one piece of advice you'd give new or prospective Boxer owners?

be active with them!!!

- caroline

Be prepared for a huge baby ????

- melissa

Remember that boxers think they're part of the family so include them as much as you can. They are loving, playful, entertaining characters who needs lots of attention, but boy, do they reward you with their undying love and loyalty.

- Annie

Be patient and give lots of praise/love.

- Paula

Obedience training for people is a must with any dogs, it helps you understand the dog and the way they think. Boxers are very pack-oriented, they want to be with you (their pack) as much as possible. Very affectionate. Wonderful with the right training for you and the dog.

- Deanna

Be patient

- Jose

Train them well when they our young, boxers are very willful minded dogs in other words they like to think for them self.

- Rene

be prepared to give and receive unconditional love

- Ray

Be prepared for walks,and laffing alot

- phil

Start young with everything. Boxers are clowns and love to have fun. They truly enjoy life

- Holly



Show them some love and you will have the greatest friend ever. They can be little clowns, they will make you laugh.

- Debbie

Be prepared to be entertained by these clowns and they are people dogs. They do not belong solely outdoors. They are perfect indoor dogs. Be sure to walk them daily and give lots of love and hugs. I have had 3 boxers and will never switch to another breed.


Make sure you have the time to invest in your dog! These are a very active breed that need lots of interaction from their humans. If you teach them your rules and work with them, they are amazing dogs! Funniest breed I've ever owned, wouldn't trade them for anything!

- Kaley

Take good care and LOVE and LOVE.

- Minnie

BE PREPARED! They are very active, they require alot of excercise and they need to be kept entertained to keep them from being destructive. Provide plenty of toys and chews for them. They canbe a little distracted so training can be a challenge sometimes. They are smart though and can learn many things. All of my boxers use their feet allot in investigating and playing so you need to be aware when leaving small children with them so they do not get hurt (unintentionally of course). In adittion, make sure to keep your dog low key 1 hour before and after eating to prevent bloat. It is common in deep chested dogs so I follow that rule for their safety.

- Lisa

Make sure they are inside and outside dogs,they are part of your family.They will look after you and protect your home.They give you so much love its ridiculous.

- sue

Please read up on any breed you choose, let a lone a Boxer. Boxers have one of the longest puppy lives. They are full of energy for years, love to be social with people and other dogs. They think they are lap dogs and love to cuddle and sleep on you. You and your family will feel the love from your Boxer. Boxers can have some medical issues you will want to read up on and be familiar with. All in all one of the best breeds we have had.

- Stacey

Make sure that you have the time and the enegery to dedicate to this breed of dog. They are high energy and need to be worked out. Giving them a job/purpose always helps. Do your research about the differebt breeds of dogs, and if you are a high energy person who has the patience to train and love this clown breed, Boxers are for you!

- Christine

get used to slob/saliva especially after drink, meal or very excited

- sharon

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