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We asked 14 real Bullmastiff owners the following question:

Do you have any tips for grooming a Bullmastiff?

Brush 2x a week

- N

Ours is fairly low maintenance in the grooming/shedding dept.

- Michele

Low maintenance but rub body all over everyday to check for lumps and abnormalities.

- Trish

No extreme grooming. Only regular baths and brushing.

- Lauren

Start acclimating them to baths and nail clippings when they are young. Brush teeth - and talk to your vet about a prescription chew called OraVet . Prevents tarter build up and keeps teeth and gums healthy .

- Melanie

The brushes I have found most helpful have been horse grooming brushes because their coats are so short like horses.

- Kassi

Get a grooming glove, and make it a fun massage. Helps de-fluff all the hair. It's amazing how much hair this short haired dog can shed.

- Ali

Keep nails short. With their size and weight they can really damage skin and upholstery. Mine loved being bathed and groomed.

- Iris

Start them young and small, get them used to bath time and having their nails done makes life a lot easier

- David

Only need nails trimmed and ears cleaned, don't need grooming.

- Effie

Not really. They are a drip dry animal. Rough time is when she sheds but a bath fixes that.

- Rick

Mine loves baths!! They have short hair and are easy to groom. Remember to clean their ears often.

- Sue

Keep their ears clean. They tend to get yeast, and ear infections easily.

- Erica

We brush her and take her to a dog spa few times a year for professional bath and cleaning.

- Michelle

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