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We asked 19 real Chow Chow owners the following question:

What's the one piece of advice you'd give new or prospective Chow Chow owners?

Good guard dogs. Must exercise the dog or they will get restless. Must groom them once a week. Very devoted to their owner.

- Eileen

Do not get chow- if u have kid's or g-kid's or cat's

- DeeHouser

Train or discipline your chow chow at its young age as they are relatively stubborn.

- Dickson

Socialize they at young age!

- Chuck

BE THE ALPHA. from the beginning. if you aren't - your dog will be ill behaved.

- Viki

don't neglect them

- Penny

Do your research. These dogs need a knowledgeable owner. And make sure you are ready for a life time commitment as they bond to you more than you will expect.

- Heather

Chows are a very dignified and proud breed. They require an owner who understands the breed because chows do require a lot of patience and gentle firmness. We currently have our sixth breed and truly love the breed!

- Jane

A Chow is not usually for a first time dog owner. They need someone who can love them with a firm hand. Chows definitely like to have their own way and will test you periodically. They require consistency and are happiest when they have a routine to follow.

- Dale

Chows are completely different and once you own one you will never have another type of dog. Do not buy them expecting a dog you can train to fetch, sit, etc. They can be trained but they are their own breed and for those of us who "get it" no other dog will ever be considered. Also all the chow owners I have heard from via Facebook (many Chow Chow groups) all sound the same. Their Chow was just magical, perfect, one of a kind, will never get over their death, etc.

- Jack

Socialization is a must.

- Bill

Study the breed, talk to a breeder. The most important thing is to socialize from the very start, bring them everywhere!

- Inger

SOCIALIZE, SOCIALIZE, SOCIALIZE, and SOCIALIZE. Then GROOM DAILY, every day without exception unless you get a short hair Chow. NEVER, EVER act the least bit subserviant to your Chow or it WILL become the Alpha dog and will control you. NEVER strike or raise your voice, or you loose your connection. Use potty pads for the first week and they WILL be house trained usually on the second or third day. Be THE boss and then enjoy a dog like NO other as they instantly become THE only dog you will ever own. ONLY downside: Your home owners insurance WILL NOT cover anything having to do with them IF they cover you at all. We are on our third Chow and simply cannot let any other dog own us. They get into your heart and never let go, EVER!

- Joe

Well rounded dog. Great for a watch dog/family dog but needs supervision around strangers. My daughter was Once asked if our dog bites? She said anything with teeth can bite! Always be mindful of that. Big, small all animals can have a bad day or be raised to be too possessive. Make sure they know you are the alpha and its ok

- Karen

don't overwhelm them allow them time to settle in

- RosemaryAnne

Check out the parents backgrounds

- Sandi

They are not a 'standard' dog. They are very strong willed and tend to devote themselves to one person in the family so you may be disappointed if you expect devotion and they choose to love someone else in the family!

- Mandy

They need playmates so if possible have 2

- L

Be patient

- Beth

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