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We asked 67 real Doberman owners the following question:

What's the one piece of advice you'd give new or prospective Doberman owners?

Lots off training Los off love Be the boss

- nadia

Have plenty of patience. Dobermans are very intelligent, intuitive dogs and make wonderful best friends.

- Nancy

Buy them with tails and ears already docked.

- Neil

Buy them with tails and ears already docked.

- Neil

Be prepared for a high energy dog that will need a lot of exercise if you get a young Doberman.

- missy

These are very intelligent dogs and somewhat stubborn. They can be trained easily, however, it takes a lot of work.

- Rob

TRAIN THEM! Train them when you first get them and keep that training going on a daily basis because they are stubborn. Also, you need a decent sized yard when they can get plenty of running room for exercise. Side note: My doberman is famous for destroying toys no matter what the strength rating is. The only toy that has been promised and guaranteed or your money back was a toy called a Goughnut which I purchased on amazon. I have had it for well over a year now and he has not ever been able to get even a chunk out. Best purchase ever!

- Amanda

Do your research. Dobermans deserve respect. They are great looking dogs yes, but it takes care, and attention and work to own them. They like compansionship and activity. You CANNOT let this dog live outside!!! They become mean and destructive. They are wonderful sweet dogs when cared for, loved, exercised, and are living near the ones they love.

- Megann

Great dogs, very loyal, willing to please and easily trained. All of mine have been adult rescues, but each typically had very good dispositions.

- Steve

be prepared to train and have a dog with a big attitude. very loyal and affectionate but seem to have selective hearing!

- Annalee

I think dogs a products of their environments. If a dog is trained to be aggressive they become aggressive. If they are trained to be friendly, they will be friendly.

- Laura

Never, ever hit your dog. They are regal, intelligent animals. Some have a very strong prey/chase urge, so are not always great if you have cats or other small pets. WE are working on this for nearly 2 years!

- marsha

needs attention and exercise

- Bill

Unless you plan to show your dog. Look to a rescue organization. Rescue organizations can give you the background on the dog. It makes a difference.


They are sensitive. And they get their feelings hurt really easy

- Sunni

Don't get a Dobie unless you can spend time with him. When properly socialized, your Dobie will love you and help to make your life complete. We will always own a Doberman.

- William

Don't get any dog if you can't give it love and care all it's life

- Sue

Just love them

- Linda

Start training as soon as you bring him home

- Sue

Make sure you have the time and energy for this great dog .

- Sarah

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