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We asked 53 real Dogue de Bordeaux owners the following question:

How Do You Exercise Your Dogue de Bordeaux?

Short walks twice a day.

- Sonny

In the garden at the moment.she loves my son's football

- Victoria

Walk 30 mins am & pm they love water and swimming

- Richard

Turn her loose outside, she loves to play fetch. ( She's an indoor "person.". Lol

- Heidi

5 minutes for every month since birth eg 4 months = 20 mins walk

- Tine

Walks and dog parks. Backyard games - she actually fetches.

- Amy

Daily walks.

- ashley

Daily walks or visits to the local dog park or beach

- Nikki

1hr in am and 40mins in the afternoon

- Mandy

Take him on 2 walks a day, hes alot older now so he goes on one walk for half an hour as he gets more tired quickly.

- Yaz

Walks daily

- Brooke

20-30 min walk in the morning with around 45 min walk at night. Sometimes I throw a ball for him but not too much

- Ian

Because of working she only gets one walk a day for about 30 minutes

- Claire

My self and my fiance work shifts so his exercise regime changes, sometimes he will get 2-3 twenty minute walks a day, sometimes he'll get 15mins in morning and half hour at night. Other times he's out walking for a few hours and running around off the lead and he goes out with dog walker a few times a month for a couple of hours at a time where he just runs around constantly with other dogs, comes home knackered but having had a great time.

- Lynsey

Walks and park time

- Tony

Yes, she loves walks

- Tracey

Walks twice a day at least. Weekends three times a day.

- Marie

Short walks twice daily

- Paul

I take my dogs for a walk one at a time as they are very big and strong, I do not run with them.they can get exhausted very quickly take them out when it is cooler and make sure you have water.

- Michelle

Yard, long walks, playing.

- Alicia

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