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We asked 54 real Dogue de Bordeaux owners the following question:

How would you describe the temperament of your Dogue de Bordeaux?

Couch Potato. Laid Back Easy going

- Sonny

Steady self assured very affectionate

- Victoria

Layed back

- Richard

Wonderful, laid back, protective if her family, loving.

- Heidi

Payed back and gentle

- Tine

Smart, calm, playful, loving.

- Amy

very lazy and laid back. But has her 30 minutes of play time at night

- ashley

Excitable, loving, snuggly and a little bit sooky

- Nikki

Laid back and loves company on dog walks that are all off lead

- Mandy

Most of the time he is really pleasant, absolutely lovely dog with a grat character. Has so many characteristics and genuinely happy dog.

- Yaz

Hyper but lovable and sweet

- Brooke

Gentle giant. Good with people and other dogs

- Ian

Loving, friendly, calm, relaxed.

- Claire

He's a big softy, he is docile and laid back, although when you're ready to play so is he. He loves other dogs, but other dogs don't always like him bounds g about because of his size, he has been given a few nips, but he never reacts, he doesn't understand their aggression. He has never growled at another dog or a person or anything else.

- Lynsey

Best of any dog we have owned

- Tony

Laid back

- Tracey

Gentle yet protective.

- Marie

Very gentle

- Paul

Calm, gentles, loving and affectionate.

- Michelle

Kind, friendly, outgoing. He loves people and wants to be with people all the time.

- Alicia

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