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We asked 53 real Dogue de Bordeaux owners the following question:

Is Your Dogue de Bordeaux Good Around Other Dogs?

83% said Yes

11% said No

6% said Not sure

Sonny said: "Yes"

Very passive unless on his territory

Victoria said: "Not sure"

At 9 weeks there has been v little contact

Tine said: "Yes"

Relaxed but barks if the other dogs start barking first

ashley said: "Yes"

Loves to play with other dogs

Nikki said: "Yes"

She was a little unsure at first but has warmed up to them and loves to play and chase

Mandy said: "Yes"

He is intact and 2 1/2 no problems. Recall training and good luck!

Yaz said: "No"

He was attacked when he was only young so is now very wary around other dogs, do not take him near any other dogs because i cant trust him. Not his own fault.

Ian said: "Yes"

He plays with them if allowed otherwise he will walk with me

Claire said: "Not sure"

She doesn't really interact with other dogs. When we are out walking she does tend to bark at other dogs.

Lynsey said: "Yes"

He loves other dogs and is desperate to play with them and for them to be his friends. Other dogs don't always like him because of his size and he can be boisterous with them. He has had a few nip etc nut he doesn't recognise aggression from them and has never reacted to their aggression. He goes out with a dog walker a few times a month and those are his favourite days.

Tony said: "Yes"

Loves to play with friendly dogs but will not back down to rushing or barking dogs

Tracey said: "Yes"

She is good with our lab but does not like small dogs

Marie said: "Yes"

Unneutered makes not great. Otherwise, playfull

Michelle said: "Yes"

They both love to run around and play with other dogs and chasing each other.

Alicia said: "Yes"

Interested but not aggressive. He likes to play

TERESA said: "Yes"


kirsty said: "No"

other dogs dont like her! she wants to play

Kristy said: "No"

Very aggressive to dogs he does not no.only because he was snapped at by another dog

sarah said: "Yes"

puppy socilising is very important

Angela said: "Yes"

He loves to play, he is on the submissive side

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