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We asked 54 real Dogue de Bordeaux owners the following question:

Is your Dogue de Bordeaux good with children?

96% said Yes

4% said No

Sonny said: "Yes"

He knows his place in the family ant its a big mushy pillow for all 3 kids to lie on. he loves all the attention.

Victoria said: "Yes"

She is 9 weeks she is a bit excitible but is easy calmed and she loves my boys 9 and 5

Richard said: "Yes"

Loves all children loves to play for hours

Heidi said: "Yes"


Tine said: "Yes"

Curiously they are only 17 weeks old

Amy said: "Yes"

With great love and patience.

ashley said: "Yes"

I have 3 rough boys and I'll never get another breed. I trust her 100%. She follows my 1 year old from the minute he gets up to the minute he goes to bed.

Nikki said: "Yes"

She is playful and excited. After telling her to be gentle she stops jumping.

Mandy said: "Yes"

Friendly always wants to say hello and get a pet. He wears a dog friendly collar so they know he is safe

Yaz said: "Yes"

Soft and cuddly, bit boisterous at times but pleasant.

Brooke said: "Yes"

Very happy to be around anyone

Ian said: "Yes"

He is patient and gentle

Claire said: "Yes"

Doesn't jump up, very calm and friendly

Lynsey said: "Yes"

He loves children, as soon as he hears a child's voice he cries because he wants to go to them. He is careful around them, soft and gentle. He likes to play with them but he knows they're only little. He loves cuddling into them.

Tony said: "Yes"

Just loves children, so tolerant.

Tracey said: "Yes"

Very protective of them but very gentle when playing with them.

Marie said: "Yes"

Walks around and sniffs. Likes it if petted. Basically quiet around them.

Paul said: "Yes"

Very gently

Michelle said: "Yes"

They don't jump up, very gentle likes to give kisses and very protective and also likes to play with the grandkids.

Alicia said: "Yes"

Very loving and interested. Wags tails, sniffs. Will lay quietly while they play around him. When my twins were babies, he often would lay down on their mats and play areas with them, or sleep while they played. He will sit on his bed and play dolls with the children, listening attentively and allowing toys to be near/on him without chewing them.

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