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We asked 54 real Dogue de Bordeaux owners the following question:

Was your Dogue de Bordeaux easy to train?

80% said Yes

15% said No

6% said Have Not Tried

Sonny said: "Yes"

All training takes time and persistence. He is a dream to walk.

Victoria said: "Yes"

Repeat repeat repeat use food as an unsentimental.Train in short bursts be consistent

Richard said: "Yes"

Wince they have settled in they will just want to please you

Heidi said: "Yes"

Be patient &,CONSISTENT.

Tine said: "Yes"

Socialisation and local puppy training class

Nikki said: "Yes"

Be consistent

Mandy said: "Yes"

Socialisation as early as possible we stood at school gates

Ian said: "Yes"

Socialise them early and persevere

Claire said: "Have Not Tried"

Amber was 2 and already trained when we got her so not sure

Lynsey said: "Yes"

Start as soon as you bring puppy home as they can be stubborn but lots of treats and praise usually work. His recall isn't the best as he gets distracted with sniffing EVERYTHING!!

Tony said: "Yes"

Hard work but get there in the finish.

Tracey said: "Yes"

Repetition because ours is stubborn

Marie said: "Yes"

Formal classes stressing positive reinforcement. Short periods of training. 30 minutes at a time at most! If you can do 3 separate 15 minute sessions that would be ideal! Keep it fun! Find what he is most responsive to. Treats, hugs....

Paul said: "Yes"

Reward from young age and theough house training

Michelle said: "Yes"

I found AJ the bitch is so easier than Tyson but keep it up as they learn very quickly.

Alicia said: "No"

Consistency. Though he is a cupcake, he thinks he is a person and has every right to people food, furniture, etc. I taught him early to walk on a leash, we use an invisible fence (and he obeys it without the collar). We taught him 'behind' 'leave it' and 'down' right away. It takes persistence but they listen.

TERESA said: "Yes"


Kristy said: "No"

Please be persistent.

sarah said: "Yes"

patients he has to think about it

Michelle said: "No"

Chop's is 4 and is a rescue dog, it has been a bit harder tban with our dogue who we had since he was a puppy but he's getting there. I think you need the right mixture of love and firmness.

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