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We asked 53 real Dogue de Bordeaux owners the following question:

What kind of food do you feed your Dogue de Bordeaux?

Pedigree from Costco. But his favourite treat is Banana Bread

- Sonny

Ardent grange

- Victoria

Dried and fresh chicken and rabbits

- Richard

Canadae Grain Free

- Heidi

Marcus mhule

- Tine

Taste of the Wild. No grains at all. As soon as we figured out she needed grain free food she has thrived.

- Amy

Kirkland lamb and rice

- ashley

Royal canin large breed

- Nikki

Complete large breed beta with chicken, mince or eggs

- Mandy

Biscuits and meat.

- Yaz

Dry food such as royal canin

- Ian


- Claire

Wainwright's large breed dry dog food. He also gets the cut off of our meet that O cook up for him after we have finished our own dinner.

- Lynsey

Roast chicken, biscuits, cooked sausages, cooked mince

- Tony

Wellness Large Breed Adult

- Tracey

Lamb and rice

- Marie

Dried and some meat.

- Paul

Puppy Blackhawk, puppy, mince from the pet supplies, tin sardines, raw egg. Rice and veggies and a little grated cheese sometimes as well as puppy milk

- Michelle

Blue Buffalo. For several years I made his food

- Alicia



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