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We asked 54 real Dogue de Bordeaux owners the following question:

Would You Recommend a Dogue de Bordeaux for a First Time Dog Owner?

54% said Yes

46% said No

Sonny said: "Yes"

As tempting as it is do not play wrestle with your Dogue for the first year until their joints are full developed. They are big heavy dogs and it can lead to problems later on.

Victoria said: "No"

Meet a full size Bordeaux. Research the breed and be sure of the costs

Heidi said: "Yes"

Be patient & be ready for lots of love.

Tine said: "Yes"

Research the breed first, then decide, but only get one if you are 100% committed and can accommodate their needs

ashley said: "Yes"

You'll never get another breed.

Nikki said: "Yes"

Find a reputable breeder and love your new puppy endlessly

Mandy said: "Yes"

The mess and how high sticky slobber gets! They need good exercise and company with other dogs on walks

Yaz said: "No"

Be warned these are not the easiest of dogs, so first time maybe read more into getting one before considering. Ive had 2 and absolutely love them but for first time buyers maybe, A lot of time and care.

Brooke said: "Yes"

Lots of love and crate train

Ian said: "No"

Learn about the breed and make sure you have time for them. Too many dogues given up around the age of 3

Claire said: "Yes"

The only down side to a Dogue de Bordeaux is the mess, if you dont mind hoovering and washing down of walls, windows and units get a Dogue de Bordeaux.

Lynsey said: "No"

They are strong powerful dogs, who can be stubborn and strong willed and need and owner experienced in large breeds. . Some people say they don't require a lot of exercise but our DDB would walk to the ends of the earth with you and never show tiredness until he gets home and sleeps for 24hrs. Be prepared for the slever, it is the worst thing about DDB, nothing can compare you for it being on all your clothes, all up your walls over the furniture, in the car, males are worse than females, but you just have to get used to it.

Tony said: "No"

Meet someone who has one and get associated with the dog.

Tracey said: "Yes"

Get ready for drool!

Marie said: "No"

Embrace the slobber! Seriously, to this Dogue, you are his world! Be prepared to love him unconditionally. But also, you must be his master. That he truly wants. So training classes, focused on positive reinforcement, are a must in this breed.

Michelle said: "Yes"

We are first time Bordeaux but we have had other dogs in the past, be patient start teaching them as soon as you get them and also read up on the breed and ask the breeder for info which you usually get when you get your puppy, also consider size as they do get big.

Alicia said: "No"

They are a strong breed that take some adjustment and consistency, especially as puppies. They are powerful dogs with strong personalities. I'd suggest working your way up, or working with a trainer (for 6 or more months, esp the first year) if you want to tackle one.

TERESA said: "No"


kirsty said: "No"

Research research research, rescue dogs dont aleays have clear history

Kristy said: "No"

Train from the start

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