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We asked 54 real Dogue de Bordeaux owners the following question:

Would You Recommend a Dogue de Bordeaux for Someone Living in An Apartment?

44% said Yes

56% said No

Sonny said: "Yes"

As long as you are committed to not leaving the dog on its own for long periods of time and have easy access to a park

Victoria said: "No"


Richard said: "No"

Not fair on any dog of this size

Heidi said: "No"

Unless you can provide lots of outdoor/exercise time.. Lots.

Tine said: "No"

Apartments have stairs and dogues can be prone to hip displacia if their joints are over worked from a young age up and down stairs every day, especially from being a puppy as their joints are growing

Amy said: "Yes"

Yes, but with plenty of outside time.

ashley said: "No"

Apartment is no place for a dog

Nikki said: "No"

I think it is unfair to have a dog in a small area. They need space to move and lots of things to entertain them when you can't be home.

Mandy said: "No"

Our dogie still doesn't do stairs even though allowed from 2 yrs he doesn't like them and you can't carry????

Yaz said: "No"

They need to be let out and are very indecisive to what they are doing going in and outside. A house with a garden would be better.

Brooke said: "Yes"

Mild mannered

Ian said: "No"

They need a bit of space as they are large. If it was a large apartment it should not be a problem though

Claire said: "Yes"

Not sure if all are the same but Amber is very relaxed, she doesn't run around our house she just loves to be with you either sitting on the floor or curled up on the sofa or snuggled in bed.

Lynsey said: "No"

Although they are not energetic in the home they do require a garden tp run around in and sniff, which is my DDB's favourite thing to do.

Tony said: "No"

Needs a good size yard to move around in

Tracey said: "No"

They need space to play and get exercise

Marie said: "Yes"

30 minute walks twice a day are sufficient for a Dogue. 3 times is a treat! Runs in a dog park if appropriate is great but not necessary.

Michelle said: "No"

they need to be outside, my dogs love being in their pools when it's warm and if they need the toilet. I think it's unfair to keep a big dog like a Bordeaux in an apartment.

Alicia said: "Yes"

So long as you do not mind the drool and have ready access to the outdoors.

TERESA said: "No"


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