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We asked 469 real German Shepherd owners the following question:

How active is your German Shepherd?

52% said Very Active

46% said Moderately Active

2% said Not Active At All

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Érin said: "Moderately Active"

He really don't need exercise because he have a big garden to patrol. Sometime he brings his bone fabric to me for play

Karen said: "Very Active"

Walks in the woods, and football, she kicks a mean ball!!

Nancy said: "Moderately Active"

Practice what was learned in obedience school

Barb said: "Very Active"

Daily walks and daily play time with a ball, frisbee or chew rope.

CHRIS said: "Very Active"

we take our two German Shepherds on walks and a very big yard with a privacy fence

Wenfy said: "Moderately Active"

I have an invisible fence around about 2 acres which is great but she gets very wound up when her daddy comes home.

tab said: "Very Active"

every day

Joyce said: "Very Active"

I use my bike to exercise my dog.

ashli said: "Moderately Active"

walk daily and play often

linda said: "Moderately Active"

Have big yard. She runs around a lot with our little dog.

elaine said: "Very Active"

she needs walked at least once a day and also given a day where she can have a free run

Naomi said: "Moderately Active"

playing outside with her, throwing things outside and she'll return it to me. I throw it again, she loves that games.

Myrle said: "Moderately Active"

Walking, tossing balls are frequent simples forms of exercise.

Angela said: "Moderately Active"

4 days per week

Deb said: "Very Active"

He loves to chase balls

Cheryl said: "Moderately Active"

Walks Play time Doggie play dates

Lin said: "Moderately Active"

Runs in back yard & we go on walks together which they love.

Danica said: "Very Active"

Walks, runs, swimming.

Liz said: "Very Active"

off a lead chasing balls around fields and beach

Linda said: "Moderately Active"

I walk her 2a day and let her run off leash in a fenced in area a night before bed for about 30-45 minutes. I lost 30 pounds after 3 years! Love it as much as her.

Showing 1 - 20 of 398 answers


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