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We asked 30 real Pekingese owners the following question:

How would you describe the temperament of your Pekingese?

Excellent, she gets along with most people she meets, very small children always want to pick her up, not realizing she is actually quite heavy. She loves to sit and be petted

- Lynn

He wants his mommy to hold him all the time, he likes to get cold, run inside and beg me to warm him up

- Dynamite

Very loving, smart, as she ages she is getting more stubborn.

- Ellen

she is sweet and loving , but independent and stubborn

- Lizette

Happy,companiable sometimes playful

- Stuart

very smart, very tender and very sweet creature

- Despina

Temujin: gentle,good natured and he loves music.rnAmelia: aggressive,can lose her temper on a dime,selfish,rebellious and stubborn.she has quite a mean streak,but is very affectionate to me and me alone.

- Måchiësté

Maggie is very laid back. She doesn't bark and doesn't get excited about anything but her treats.

- rose

My dog is the sweetest and most loving dog

- Janet

Outgoing, loving, dominant.

- Melinda

95% of the time, sweet as can be. If you don't know his body language, the other 5% can be nasty. He thinks he is a very big dog.

- Hadene

Very lovable but mess with her treats and she can get really nasty. She has tangled with our beagle, Belle, from time to time over treats. Get the treat away from them and they will go back to playing and sleeping together.

- Pat


- Gina

He is very fierce and bossy

- Liliana

Very loving and outgoing

- Linda

One loves people. The other is very wary of strangers and takes s long time to accept people.

- Carole

Affectionate and playful.

- Penny

Very attentive to me. Really loving.

- Connie

Very playful, she loves nothing more than playing with her squeaky toys, when she wants to play she doesn't like to take no for an answer ever.

- Suzy


- Stella

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