We asked 178 real owners the following question:

Would You Recommend a Pug for Someone Living in An Apartment?

92% said "Yes"

8% said "No"

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Gina said: "Yes"

They are mostly couch potatoes!

Helen said: "Yes"

They really don't need much space and don't need a great deal of exercise everyday.

Jo-Anne said: "Yes"

Pugs are true lap dogs. They are small dogs that don't require a lot of room. They only run for short distances. Suki is happy running around my dining room table & then curling up the couch or in front of a sunny window.

Jennie said: "Yes"

Pugs don't need a lot of room to run and they love to cuddle. They are perfect apartment dogs.

Janie said: "Yes"

Yes they would not have a problem living in a apartment just make sure that they are safe if you are not on the first floor.

Donella said: "Yes"

good size for an apartment as long as they get a couple daily walks and they are not barkers, at least my 2 aren't

Marcy said: "Yes"

I live in an apartment - 2nd floor.

Stacy said: "Yes"

Small enough can be in an apartment. Just need to make sure they get out for daily exercise.

EP said: "No"

Because they love to play so much. But if you are able to walk her then she would be good

Diana said: "Yes"

They are loveable, small, easy to please, not demanding at all. Also quiet if you don't have a barker with them. They are good dogs !

Cindy said: "Yes"

Their small size makes them great for apartment living. They're not yappers, so they're pretty quiet.

Stacy said: "Yes"

They don't need to be outside always and love to cuddle more than thing else.

Ivonne said: "Yes"

Because he is good and don't bark so much

Lynn said: "Yes"

I got my first one when I lived in an apartment. The reason I do is that, despite needing some exercise, they do not require a lot, like many other breeds do. They do not crave a good run daily and none of mine ever acted out if they didn't get their long walk!

Scott said: "Yes"

Their small size and lower activity level make them great candidates for smaller spaces.

Diane said: "Yes"

They're small dogs and well behaved.

Julie said: "Yes"

Long as they get out for a walk everyday they are happy

Amber said: "Yes"

I think so because pugs aren't big dogs.

Anne said: "No"

Roman likes to go into the backyard and sit and observe things .A lot of the times, I let him go into the backyard by himself for a while.

LeeAnn said: "Yes"

They are small and don't require a lot of exercise.

Showing 1 - 20 of 160 answers


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