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We asked 17 real owners the following question:

Does your get along well with other dogs?

53% said Yes, very well

41% said Gets along ok

6% said Does not get along well

Showing 1 - 20 of 8 answers

Nicole said: "Gets along ok"

My girl dog gets along fine. She's been going to daycare since she was a baby and regular walks and socialization. My male dog was adopted when he was 1 1/2. He gets along ok with my other Sharpei, who he adores. My dachshund is very jealous and territorial but my male Sharpei is more subservient with him but more aggressive with outside dogs. He has to stay on leash at dog park with quick meet and greets. He isn't food motivated outside of home so he's been more difficult to train. Socializing sharpeis is imperative from day one. Have people come to your house also as they are territorial of their home,

Tracy said: "Gets along ok"

Socialize from a puppy!

Ski said: "Yes, very well"

Just socialize at a young age and be patient with your pet. It can take time.

Amber said: "Yes, very well"

Positive reinforcement training. Socialization as a puppy

Deb said: "Does not get along well"

socialization as early as possible, lots of it, many situations

Candy said: "Yes, very well"

He was a very loving dog

Jodi said: "Yes, very well"

Socialize with other dogs when they are puppies

Jane said: "Gets along ok"

Introduce them in neutral territory.

Showing 1 - 20 of 8 answers

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