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Golden Who Thought All The Baby Stuff Was For Him Learns The Hard Way

Written by: Julie Hunt
| Published on September 27, 2023

Kobe, a lovable Golden Retriever, was an only “child,” and used to being the center of attention. However, when his mom, Danielle, became pregnant, Kobe sensed something was different. He laid his head on her belly, which he had never done before.

As Danielle and her husband Bill prepared for the arrival of their new baby, Kobe tried to be as involved as possible, even attempting to “help” with assembling nursery furniture. But he was actually more of a deterrent, believing all the baby’s things were really for him.


To prepare Kobe for the baby’s arrival, Danielle brought home a baby doll, but Kobe seemed to view it as just another stuffed toy. When their daughter, Alexis, was finally born, it was time to introduce Kobe to her. The family was eager for this introduction to go well, as they knew Kobe and their daughter would be a significant part of each other’s lives.


Upon meeting Alexis, Kobe’s eyes bulged with excitement. He was incredibly interested in her, which was a relief for Danielle and Bill. Kobe quickly took on the role of a protective big brother. When the baby stirred or cried during her naps, Kobe would immediately stand up and walk over to her, sometimes even bringing her a “present” to comfort her.

Kobe also made it a point to be present during the baby’s nighttime feedings, accompanying the family to the nursery and lying down beside her. In the mornings, he would check on her in the bassinet, making sure she was safe and sound.


While Kobe still demands attention as an only child would, he is learning how to be a big brother and adapting well to his new role. Danielle and Bill are excited about the future as a family of four, looking forward to the quality time they will spend together and the fun journey ahead.

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