Laughing Parrot Leaves Grooming Staff Cracked Up And Crying

Did you know the yellow-shouldered Amazon parrot has an average vocabulary of one hundred words? With so many words and phrases for these parrots to pick up, there’s no telling what one of the feathered jewels might say. And even though they’re used to parrots and their antics, staff at Petland Norwin in Philadelphia couldn’t help cracking up when a parrot’s chatter turned into peals of laughter.

Lucky for us, they captured the funny moment on camera and shared it on TikTok. And now, Paco the yellow-shouldered parrot is enjoying his viral moment in the sun, with the post gathering almost twenty million views and more than two and half million likes.


Pretty Bird Laughing

When Paco visited Petland for a wing and nail trim, he put the staff in stitches with his chattering about wanting a bath. The silly bird also threw out a few other phrases before bursting into laughter. And Paco’s laugh wasn’t just a slight chuckle. He parroted the laughter of someone so tickled that they couldn’t catch their breath. And such laughter proved infectious, reducing both his caregivers to laughter and tears.


Here’s “the madness that led to our outburst of laughter!”

@petlandnhtYou asked for more from Paco and we are delivering!♬ original sound – petlandnht

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Comments are Full of Laughter & Love for Paco

With all the love shown Paco on Tiktok, of course, the comments proved a source of comedy gold, ringing with such gems as, “WHY DOES PACO SOUND LIKE SOMEONES LAUGHING ABUELITA 😂🥰.”

“That one auntie who drinks too much and tells dad jokes and laughs at them vibes,” wrote one commenter.

But the good life Paco lives was evident to many commenters too, with one putting it best, writing, “It’s obvious that Paco is surrounded by a lot of laughter and affection in his home 🥰!”


And more than just love, another user randomly explained the prowess of parrots, sharing, “This is hilarious but do y’all know about the parrot that helped solve a murder by continuously repeating an argument that led to his owner’s murder.”

And when multiple viewers asked what Paco was saying, users again brought the funny stuff with their answers.

One TikToker reported hearing, “It sounds like he’s saying ‘no puedo’ while laughing. Which means “I can’t” 😂 …at least that’s what I pick up.”

Another picked out the words, “He also says ‘I’m a psycho dag-nabbit’ and then ‘Stop playing around all the time’ after they say they have work to do.”

What did you hear Paco say amongst the laughter? Have more birdy fun and watch Parrot and Chihuahua Fight Over Yogurt Cup In The Most Adorable Way!

@petlandnhtPaco came in for a wing and nail trim today and had us crying feom laughing!♬ original sound – petlandnht

Feature Image: @petlandnht/TokTok

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