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Lori’s Leash Lovers Is Making a Difference in OC Neighborhoods

We are so excited to let you all know about a special company that is making a difference for people and dogs in Orange County neighborhoods. They’re called Lori’s Leash Lovers OC, and you’re going to love the work they’re doing. They’re a group of devoted dog walkers that provide a valuable service at an affordable price. Better still, they employ adults that have challenges to employment.

Image Lori’s Leash Lovers OC Facebook

Lori’s Leash Lovers OC Employees Adults with Disabilities

Lori’s Leash Lovers OC employees 5 dog walkers and finds more help through day programs like Abilities Unlimited and Integrated Resources Institute, both in Orange County. Lori’s Leash Lovers OC is providing adults with intellectual or developmental disabilities meaningful employment, community engagement, lifelong learning, and social inclusion. Lori’s Leash Lovers OC said on Facebook,

“We are a fun loving group that affords adults with developmental disabilities a chance to flourish and wake up with a purpose in life. This is their business we are just here to guide them along the way.”

Image Lori’s Leash Lovers OC Facebook

Affordable Dog Walking with a Purpose

Lori’s Leash Lovers OC charges only $10 for a 30 minute walk. They also offer pet sitting and dog park play dates. Someone from Lori’s team will accompany the dog walkers while they take your dog on a 30, 45, or 60 minute walk. Lori’s Leash Lovers OC also relies on retired volunteers to help with walks, pet sitting and play dates. As you can imagine, everyone involved find the work fulfilling, satisfying and smile inducing.

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Lori’s Leash Lovers OC is Growing

Lori’s Leash Lovers OC started out with more dog walkers than dogs to be walked. Thanks to the great job they are doing and the good they are bringing to their community, word has spread quickly about Lori’s Leash Lovers OC. They now have over 20 dogs they regularly walk and are always looking for new dog walkers to come help out.

In the summer months, Lori plans to employ youth aged 10-16 who are on the autism spectrum as dog walkers. Long term, she imagines she will expand the business to include doggie day care centers. There she can employ adults with intellectual or developmental disabilities in challenging work that is appropriate for their often underestimated intelligence and capabilities.

Variety is the Spice of the Dog Walking Life

The teams from Lori’s Leash Lovers get the opportunity to work with a variety of people and animals. This not only keeps things interesting but allows them the chance to encounter new personalities and behaviors, helping them exercise their abilities to adapt to different situations successfully.

Image Lori’s Leash Lovers OC Facebook

Do Some Good With Lori’s Leash Lovers

If you live in Orange County and want to help make a difference in the lives of adults living with intellectual or developmental disabilities, contact Lori’s Leash Lovers and set up a walk. Your dog will thank you!

You can contact Lori’s Leash Lovers OC at (949) 973-6794 or on Facebook.

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Written by Kristen Cudd
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