Lost Puppy Heads To His Vet’s Office In Brilliant Effort To Find His Way Home

When a five-month-old puppy wandered away from his Bang Pu, Thailand home and couldn’t find the way back, this brilliant dog sought help at a place he recognized—his veterinary clinic!

As dogs will sometimes do, the Thai Ridgeback puppy slipped out onto the streets alone and got lost. And though he couldn’t find his home again, when the pup spotted the Putahracsa Veterinary Clinic, he knew he’d found somewhere familiar that could help him reunite with his mom.


While most dogs do their best to avoid the vet’s office, a security camera captured the clever boy pacing and barking outside the clinic, hoping to get someone’s attention. Perhaps he recognized the building from his previous visits. Or maybe he sensed all the other pups inside and realized it was a safe place to seek help.

Either way, this little cutie deserves plenty of praise for his problem-solving skills. And thanks to social media, he is getting all he can handle. Posted to Facebook, the security video has earned over a million views, proving dog lovers everywhere love seeing the brilliance of the canine mind at work!

Lost on Familiar Ground

The video shows the clever pup flexing his doggy smarts by barking and pacing in front of the vet clinic’s glass frontage. And once clinic staff realized this puppy was alone, they opened the door, and he headed on in to tell them he needed help.

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The puppy likely recognized Putahracsa Veterinary Clinic because he’d been receiving his regular vaccines there since he was just a month old. And at only five months old, the place was still fresh in his mind.

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Once inside with staff, a vet tech recognized the pup as a patient. Pulling his file, they called the lost puppy’s mom. And judging by the picture of their reunion, the dog mom and her furry little one were overjoyed to be together again. All thanks to the lost puppy’s brilliant idea!

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Feature Image: Canna saves animals, Bang Pu Industrial Estate Fresh Market/Facebook 

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