Friendly Pup Pokes Head Through Mailbox Each Day To Greet Everyone Who Walks By

Rigby is an exuberant dog who loves socializing with everyone he meets, both two-legged and four. He’s always been intrigued by the comings and goings in his neighborhood but because he lived inside, there wasn’t much opportunity for him to act on his curiosity. But then he had a bright idea… 😉

Image/Story (Screenshot) Credit: Zoo Land via YouTube Video


As a puppy, Rigby’s humans Evan and Courtney Poole would pass him to each other through their mailboxes. Now at 70 pounds and one year old, he’s too big to fit, but he still found a way to make use of it.


He quickly realized that he could still fit his head through the mailbox, at least. So now, whenever there are passersby, Rigby sticks his head through the mailbox to greet them. Most people passing by are probably shocked to see a dog’s head greet them in such a way; it’s not something you see every day.


Image/Story (Screenshot) Credit: Zoo Land via YouTube Video


Even though these dogs may not be too thrilled, their owners surely are when they see how happy Rigby is. In fact, his mother says that many people stop and smile at his silly behavior. Click the video below to watch this hilarious pooch! 😆

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