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Making Memories: Every Senior Dog Owner Should Do This!

Here at iHeartDogs, we’re passionate about senior dogs. After all, our organization was inspired by a now senior rescued Siberian Husky. In the video below, you’ll hear me introduce a big new initiative all about making memories with our senior pups.

If you’d like to learn more about iHeartDogs custom art, and creating an unforgettable masterpiece of your senior, please visit here.

Below you can see more examples of some of the artwork we’ve already created.  There’s quite a few different options available, including wood, metal, or canvas prints.

There’s also 3 unique art styles to match pretty much any home decor.

iHeartDogs custom art doesn’t require a professional picture, most smartphones are good enough. So odds are that favorite pic that you took a while back will work just fine.

And finally, there’s a super cool twist. For each piece of art purchased, 25 meals will be donated to animal shelters in honor of your dog. That’s what it’s all about, creating memories and creating impact!

Written by Justin Palmer

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