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Heavily Pregnant Stray ‘Beams With Delight’ When She Relaxes In Trap

Written by: Julie Hunt
| Published on September 26, 2023

When animal rescuer Megan first encountered a heavily pregnant stray dog, she knew she had to help. The dog, later named Mama, was skittish and hesitant to approach Megan, but her determination to gain Mama’s trust and ensure her safety led to a heartwarming rescue.


Megan spent days trying to gain Mama’s trust, offering her food and attempting to get close to her. However, Mama remained wary and kept her distance. Megan knew she had to act quickly, as Mama would give birth soon. She devised a plan to track Mama and find her puppies once they were born.


Setting up a trap near the train tracks where she first saw Mama, Megan managed to catch her within 10 minutes. Mama quickly warmed up to her rescuers, walking with them and enjoying the attention. However, she did not lead them to her puppies, so Megan decided to use a tracking device to locate them.

The device was attached to a collar and placed on Mama, allowing Megan and her team to track her movements on their phones. They soon discovered that Mama was going to a specific house, where they found evidence of dog hair, paw prints, and a tunnel leading to a shed. Inside the shed, they found eight healthy, chunky puppies.


Mama immediately trusted her rescuers with her puppies, and it seemed as though she knew they had saved her and her little ones. Once the puppies were old enough to be weaned, Mama was fostered by Megan for a couple of weeks to decompress and adjust to life without her puppies.

During this time, a friend named Ashley saw videos of Mama and fell in love with her. Mama was eventually adopted by Ashley, where she now has a brother dog, a loving human dad, a fenced-in yard, and all the toys and treats she could ever want. Mama’s incredible journey from a scared, pregnant stray to a beloved family pet is a testament to the power of love, determination, and the kindness of animal rescuers.

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