Mandy Moore Gives Son A Stuffed Replica Of Dog That Passed During Her Pregnancy

Mandy Moore offered a special tribute to her late furry friend on National Dog Day. Her son Gus may not get to grow up with Moore’s passed pup, but he still gets to keep her close to his heart.

Moore’s husband, Taylor Goldsmith, surprised her with the Christmas gift of a lifetime just after losing their beloved furry friend. Joni suffered complications after a mass removal on her liver, forcing them to make the tough decision to let her go in November 2020.

mandy moore and gus

“She was my first love and best friend. Through every twist and turn of life of this past decade and change, she was right there.” – Mandy Moore

Joni had been in Moore’s life for over 10 years, as she was rescued from the Barking Lot shelter in 2008. The two were inseparable from the moment they met, with Joni at her fur mom’s side through so many of life’s adventures.

mandy moore and gus

The reality of losing Joni was hard enough, but it was especially challenging for Moore to accept the fact that Gus would never know their treasured canine friend. Joni passed while Moore was still pregnant, so the two never got the chance to meet. In an effort to make sure Gus still grew up with Joni at his side, Goldsmith created a perfect stuffed replica to remember her by.

“It’s a little stuffed animal version of my beloved Joni so that our son will still know her, even though they never got to meet. “ – Mandy Moore

The stuffed replica of Joni is spot on in every way. Her scruffy fur, cartoon eyes, and smiling face make the perfect stuffed companion for Gus. It took some time for the baby to treasure his stuffed toy, but now it is one of his favorites.

mandy moore and gus

On National Dog Day, Moore shared a photo of Gus snuggling with the stuffed animal version of Joni. Gus is smiling from ear to ear, proving just how special his plush friend is to him.

“I will love and miss you forever, my Joni. Thank you for beyond a lifetime of love.” – Mandy Moore

mandy moore and gus

It will never compare to having Joni at Gus’s side, but this beautiful replica can bring him comfort as he continues to grow. Joni sounds like she was a special girl, so we are so happy that Gus gets to ‘know’ her in such a unique way.

Image Source: Instagram

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