Mandy Moore’s Rescue Dog Passes Away Before Meeting Her Human Brother

Actress Mandy Moore is currently pregnant with her first child. But she’s no stranger to being a mom. Aside from playing a devoted mother on This Is Us, she has also been a caring dog mom for years. She has had her rescue dogs, Joni and Jackson, by her side for years, along with a few cats too. So, she’s very familiar with unconditional love, and she’s excited to welcome a human child into the family.

However, Moore thought that her 12-year-old dog Joni would’ve been around to welcome the new addition. But sadly, the small pup passed away unexpectedly.

Mandy Moore Cuddling Dog
Image: @mandymooremm/Instagram

A Lifelong Friendship

Moore adopted Joni from The Barking Lot Rescue in San Diego and named her after Joni Mitchell. Joni was only a puppy at the time since she had been found as a stray with her mother and littermates. When Moore first laid eyes on the adorable rescue pup, she fell in love.

Joni and Moore spent years together, which caused them to form an inseparable bond. Even after Moore met husband Taylor Goldsmith, Joni remained the boss of the house. She loved eating anything she could find and her favorite activities were napping in the sun and playing with her brother Jackson. The pup was so full of life that Moore never expected to lose her so suddenly.

Mandy Moore with Rescue Puppy
Image: @mandymooremm/Instagram

“Last night, very unexpectedly, we lost our Joni girl,” Moore wrote on Instagram. “Yes, she was almost 13. Yes, she had pretty major surgery a week ago to remove a mass on her liver but she was recovering really well. Until last night.”

Not long after her surgery, Moore could sense that something was wrong. Joni didn’t finish her food, which was very unusual for her. She also experienced difficulties breathing and despite taking pain medications, she struggled to get comfortable at night. So, Moore rushed her to the vet, where she and Joni shared their final goodbyes.

Mandy Moore Dogs
Image: @mandymooremm/Instagram

Joni’s Legacy

Since Joni was such an important family member, Moore had been excited for her to meet her human brother. But Moore joked that Joni wouldn’t have been ready to share food and attention with a baby. Even so, the rescue pup would’ve still been the best big sister.

“My heart is utterly shattered. She was my first love and best friend. Through every twist and turn of life of this past decade and change, she was right there,” Moore wrote. “There’s a deep chasm of emptiness that will never be filled but I am so grateful for her sweet nature and the endless connection, compassion, responsibility, patience, and devotion that the love of a pet can bring into your orbit.”

Rescue Dog Haircut
Image: @mandymooremm/Instagram

Joni was gone too soon, but at least she got to spend the majority of her life surrounded by love and comfort. She will forever be in the hearts of those who love her, and hopefully her story will encourage more families to help dogs in need.

Rest in peace, Joni. And thank you to Moore and Goldsmith for giving her the life she deserved.

Mandy Moore and Joni
Image: @mandymooremm/Instagram

Featured Image: @mandymooremm/Instagram

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