Mangey Puppy Determined To Be Loved Is Transformed And It’s Pure Gold

A mangy puppy was dumped near a mechanic’s garage. Thankfully the mechanic’s niece reached out to Hope For Paws for help. The little guy was in terrible condition, yet he still wagged his tail when he came out from under a car to greet his rescuer.


The kind man placed the lucky red leash around the pup and brought him to the rescue center. His skin was scabbed and scaly, but the puppy should heal up perfectly with treatment. It was imperative to keep him clean and apply topical medication. The first order of business was a bath!


One of the volunteers gently lathered the pup up, and with her kind touch, he felt what love is like for the first time. His eyes expressed relief and gratitude. He joyfully wagged his tail to say thank you. In order to find his new family, he had to heal first. His road to recovery may be challenging, but he never had to face the world alone again!


The puppy’s transformation and happy ending are astounding! He transforms into such a beautiful boy! We are so relieved this pup was rescued before it was too late. Thank you, Hope For Paws, for all the amazing work you do!

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