Loving Pittie Turned Hostile Has 11 Causes Foster Mom Must Battle

When a Pit Bull named Mars was rescued by Pup Culture Rescue, she was such a loving dog. She let rescuers pet her without hesitation. Mars came to the rescue group underweight and very pregnant. Soon after, Mars gave birth to a large litter. Eleven puppies in all! She was then placed in a foster home with Victoria. The once loving, sweet Pit Bull’s demeanor totally changed. She growled at Victoria constantly. Victoria wasn’t allowed near her or her babies. It was shocking to the foster mom. She couldn’t understand why Mars had changed so drastically.


Source: The Dodo/YouTube Screenshot


Mars would intensely stare at Victoria and growl just as she approached the Pittie. The dog’s growls actually scared Victoria, who is a seasoned rescuer and foster. She wasn’t sure what to do. Victoria needed to take care of mama and her babies, but Mars had other plans. The now intimidating Pit Bull would stick her head out of the door of the room she shared with her puppies and give Victoria a piece of her mind. This had to change.


Source: The Dodo/YouTube Screenshot


Thankfully, with time and lots of patience, Victoria earned her trust once again. Mars’ motherly instincts were to protect her puppies. Once she understood no one was going to harm them, she let her guard down. Soon all of the puppies found forever homes. While this was a blessing, Mars had a tough time seeing her babies go. But she eventually learned to cope… with some help from an unexpected source. Mars’ story is too good to miss! Thank you to The Dodo for sharing it with us. Scroll down and check it out.


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