Matthew McConaughey and Camila Alves Adopt Two Puppies In One Week

Many families have chosen to adopt a dog amid the coronavirus pandemic, especially those working from home. But one celebrity couple decided that rescuing one dog wasn’t enough. Matthew McConaughey and his wife Camila Alves McConaughey adopted two puppies within less than a week of each other. They know they’ll have their hands full, but they couldn’t resist helping some dogs in need.

With three kids, two older rescue dogs, and a cat, their home is already busier than they ever imagined. But they’ll still give these two lucky pups the best life possible.

Camila Alves McConaughey Rescue Puppy
Image: @camilamcconaughey/Instagram

Two New Puppies

Camila was ecstatic about her family’s new additions, so she turned to Instagram to share the news. The first puppy they adopted is a white 4-month-old mix from the humane society. She posted a selfie with the little dog, where the pup seems to be happily cuddling with her.

“New addition to the family. What was I thinking!!! 4 months old …THANK YOU @humanesociety for what you do!! This little one has a home now!” Camila wrote in her first post.

Only two days later, Camila posted a second photo with a different puppy. She admits that they adopted another dog from the humane society, but this one is only two months old. He was found as a stray and she just couldn’t resist.

Camila Alves McConaughey Hugging Puppy
Image: @camilamcconaughey/Instagram

“If you thought…what was I thinking with a 4 month old puppy…well how about with another one that’s 2 months old!! Yep, got work cut out for me in the next months! 3 kids, 2 older dogs, 2 pups, 1 cat, and my mother in law,” Camila wrote in her second post.

Always Rescuing Dogs

This news came not long after Matthew and Camila opened up about how busy their quarantine life has been. Not only do they have a lot of animals in their home, but they also have three kids and Matthew’s 89-year-old mother in their house. So, they’ve had to plan well just to find some alone time together. But they’ve happily made it work.

Camila knows people will think she’s crazy for adopting two young puppies when their house is already so full, but she’s happy with her decision. She explained that she has wanted to rescue lots of animals ever since she was a child. She even shared an adorable photo of her with her first childhood dog.

Camila Alves First Dog
Image: @camilamcconaughey/Instagram

“My first dog here was named Bobby. He wouldn’t stop stealing our food he was very naughty! (I thought it was funny) My dad gave him away… so I think that’s part of why I want every animal I see!” wrote Camila.

Puppies can be a lot of work, but this couple is ready for the challenge. They haven’t announced the names of either puppy yet, but hopefully we’ll get more adorable updates on the rescue dogs soon!

Featured Image: @camilamcconaughey/Instagram

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