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Rail-Thin Puppy Placed On Train Tracks Fights Through His Trauma

Written by: Julie Hunt
| Published on May 18, 2023

Maverick, a skinny helpless puppy, was found on the train tracks. Rescuers in Georgia stepped in and thankfully saved him before he was hit by a train. The pup was only 10 pounds! It was obvious he had a traumatic past, but his future looked bright!


Nicole was contacted regarding Maverick. She was asked to foster him and emphatically agreed. The rescue relocated him to New York to introduce him to his new foster family. Nicole, and her husband Cam, were prepared for a scared, traumatized dog to arrive. But instead, Maverick was spunky and playful! The puppy had already put his past behind him.


The adorably feisty pup devoured his food so quickly that his foster parents had to buy him food puzzles. It was apparent he needed to put on weight, but geez, Maverick needed to slow down! Cam mentions that Maverick saw an onion ring on the ground while out for a walk and sprinted right for it. Cam had to calm him down and explain that he had food at home.

We are so grateful for Maverick’s rescue and his happily ever after! Thank you to the rescue group and Cam and Nicole for opening up their hearts to this pup in need!

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