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Meet Duckphone: The Irresistible ‘Cheeky’ Cat Winning Over Social Media

Written by: Russel Moneva
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| Published on June 3, 2024

Nestled among a vibrant array of adoptable felines at the Cleveland Animal Protective League (APL), a standout character has emerged, captivating the hearts of cat lovers everywhere. Named Duckphone, this feline has quickly ascended to social media stardom, drawing admirers from far and wide. His unique charm and distinctive features have sparked a viral sensation, turning him into a beloved figure across various online platforms. As visitors scroll through the APL’s colorful showcase of tabbies, calicos, torties, and solid-colored cats, it’s Duckphone who commands the spotlight, enchanting all who glimpse his memorable visage.


Brenda Evans, the enthusiastic Shelter Manager at Cleveland APL, couldn’t hide her excitement when discussing Duckphone’s sudden rise to fame. “It was truly astonishing! As soon as we introduced him on our social media channels, the comments and likes began pouring in. People were absolutely captivated by him,” she remarked.

Duckphone’s story began when he was found and taken to the APL in March. While he impressed the shelter staff with his laid-back and cool temperament, it was his unique physical attribute that made him stand out: his notably large cheeks, which gave him a distinctive, almost cartoonish appearance.


The origin of his unique name, “Duckphone,” ties back to a humorous piece of pop culture—a duck-shaped house phone featured in the reality TV show “Jersey Shore,” remembered for its bulbous cheeks. One observant shelter worker spotted the resemblance between the cat’s cheeks and the phone, and thus, the quirky name was affectionately bestowed upon him.

Once Duckphone was thoroughly examined by the veterinarians and cleared for adoption, his profile was launched on the APL’s website and social media accounts. His debut was nothing short of spectacular, generating an overwhelming response with thousands of likes, shares, and comments from potential adopters and cat lovers alike, all within just a few days.


Among the many admirers was April Walsh, a teenager whose heart was stolen by Duckphone’s charms. “The moment I saw his photo, I was overwhelmed. He was the cutest cat I had ever seen! I knew right then I needed to bring him home,” April excitedly shared. Despite her enthusiasm, her mother, Brandi Beddorak, tried to temper her expectations, aware of the intense competition. “When I saw the sheer number of comments on his social media post, I warned her that he might be adopted by someone else by the time we arrived,” Brandi said, concerned about her daughter’s hopeful heart.


Duckphone’s journey from an ordinary shelter cat to a burgeoning social media star exemplifies the power of uniqueness and the deep connection people feel towards animals with compelling stories. His tale continues to inspire and delight as he adjusts to his new life, spreading joy and “cheekiness” wherever he goes.

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