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Meet the Dog Breed That Can’t Bark!

Yes, that’s right, there is a breed of dog that can’t bark!

Meet the Basenji, a small to medium sized, elegant and square shaped breed that cannot bark at all. (although they do have the unique ability to make a yodeling type howl)

Some believe that the ability to bark was intentionally bred out of the breed in Central Africa, where a dog barking the jungle was a clear giveaway to enemies. Interesty, some also believe that the Basenji is the oldest dog breed in the world.

Basenji’s tend to be very active and alert. Although they’re very reserved around strangers, they’re intensely loyal to their individual owner. Their coats come in tricolor, red, black, and brindle, all with white chests and stomachs.

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Source: Wikipedia

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Written by Justin Palmer
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