Meet The Dogs In The Swedish Royals’ Family Reunion Photo

As someone who grew up in Midwestern America, my personal interest in royal families tends to start and stop at their dogs. In general, I’m more interested in the lifestyles of the rich and famous dogs of the world than people. But that’s me.

Recently, King Carl XVI Gustaf and Queen Silvia of Sweden sat for a gorgeously composed photo with their three children and eight grandchildren. Also present at this royal family reunion were some of the royal dogs.


This photo, taken in the gardens of Solliden Palace, the Royal Family’s private summer home on the island of Öland, marks the first time they’re all together since the coronavirus pandemic started.

The Royal Court captioned the post:

“Together on Öland again! It’s a long-awaited reunion for the Royal family, who after a long time in different places, can now once again gather on the ‘island of the sun and the winds.’”

The Royal Family Dogs

Now, on to the crucial doggie details. Pictured in this family reunion photo are the King and Queen’s dog, Brandy, and the Crown Princess Family’s dog, Rio.


If you follow the Swedish royals, you may already recognize Brandy. She goes with her dad nearly everywhere. She can be seen frequently accompanying him to official events at the other end of a leash.


Rio, a small brown Poodle mix, belongs to Crown Princess Victoria and her husband Prince Daniel as well as their 8-year-old daughter Princess Estelle and 5-year-old son Prince Oscar. The tiny dog was featured on The Royal Court page cuddling with his human brother when Oscar turned 5.


These two aren’t the only dogs in this royal family either! As far as the pooches who weren’t able to make the trip: Prince Carl Philip and his wife Princess Sofia adopted a Border Terrier named Siri in 2014. She lives a largely offline life, though she did once make a quick appearance in the background of a family holiday video.


The Florida-based family members, Princess Madeleine and her husband and three children, also have a Poodle mix dog named Teddy.

It should serve as no surprise that this whole family loves dogs. The monarchs really care about environmental causes and all things nature. King Carl XVI even received the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Award in 2006 for his dedication to promoting sustainability and climate change awareness.

Now that we’ve met the Swedes, maybe you’re interested in knowing about the British Royal dogs too.

H/T: People
Featured Image: @kungahuset/Instagram

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