Meghan Trainor’s Pooch Adorably Crashes New Baby’s Photoshoot

Singer Meghan Trainor has long been a dedicated dog mom. But now, she has an adorable human baby to look after too. Trainor and her husband Daryl Sabara welcomed baby Riley into this world on February 8th, 2021. And Riley is one lucky baby because he already has four small dogs for siblings: Biggie, Roo, Soca, and Lilo.

Dogs can sometimes be a lot for a baby to handle, but Riley doesn’t seem to mind. In fact, recent photos of the baby show him curled up beside one of his furry siblings. The photos will melt your heart!

Meghan Trainor Holding Dog
Image: @meghan_trainor/Instagram

Baby’s Best Friend

The “All About That Bass” singer has been fairly public about her pregnancy. She posted lots of photos of herself during her pregnancy, and now, sweet little Riley has taken over her social media pages. The couple first announced Riley’s birth on Valentine’s Day. He’s even cuter than fans could’ve imagined!

Soca cuddling Meghan Trainor
Image: @meghan_trainor/Instagram

But Riley isn’t the only adorable one in the family. Of course, Trainor’s four lovable dogs haven’t been forgotten. During her pregnancy, Trainor posted a photo of Soca cuddling with her. Then, after Riley was born, she shared a photo of her oldest dog, Biggie, giving her a kiss next to the newborn baby.

But perhaps the cutest photo of all was one taken in a recent photoshoot. While Riley was comfortably situated in a basket, one furry family member decided that they wanted to be a part of the picture too.

Dog kissing Meghan Trainor
Image: @meghan_trainor/Instagram

Cutest Models in the World

Trainor created an adorable setup for baby pictures, complete with a fuzzy white rug and a tiny teddy bear. Her brother and Riley’s “funcle,” Ryan Trainor, proudly took the photos. But even though they were supposed to be photos of Riley alone, little Roo decided to step in and make them even better.

Riley and Roo
Image: @meghan_trainor/Instagram

“Roo jumped in to get a pic,” wrote Trainor. “It was the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.”

In a few of the baby photos, Roo is happily posing beside Riley, making the most adorable images possible. The little pup seems overjoyed to have a human brother by her side. And it seems that Roo is no stranger to hogging the attention. In the past, Trainor posted videos of the dog wanting endless amounts of pets.

Baby and Small Dog
Image: @meghan_trainor/Instagram


One thing’s for sure, dogs and babies are adorable! Riley is growing up in a world surrounded by cute little dogs, so he’s living the best life possible. Trainor has made it clear that she wants to have lots of kids, so this is only the beginning of adorable baby and dog photos on her social media. Plus, she’s already an amazing mom (and dog mom!)

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