Rottweiler Rejected By Humans Turns To Guinea Pigs For Love And Acceptance

Written by: Julie Hunt
| Published on April 20, 2023

Meisha is a beautiful Rottweiler with a heart of gold. Her mom, Bethany, tells the story of Meisha’s obsession with her guinea pig siblings. The Rottie thinks the piggies are her babies and refuses to leave their side. Like ever!


Bethany and her husband work full-time. They installed a camera so they can check up on their furkids. Meisha spends her day glued to the guinea pigs’ cage. If they are hanging out on the lower level of their cage, Meisha lays down and watches them. If they move up top, she then stands. Her nose is glued to their little piggy house! Her love for them is off the charts!


On a particular day, Bethany had to move the piggies’ cage to clean it. When she let Meisha in from the yard, she panicked! She went into full “mother bear” mode, searching for her precious children. Luckily, she found them in her human sibling’s room, safe and sound. If the cat comes too close to “Meisha’s guinea pigs,” she will gently bark at her until she backs away.


Because of Meisha’s breed, people often find her intimidating and want nothing to do with her. They don’t want their dogs playing with her, either. Her guinea pigs have given her the love and acceptance she desperately craved. To see all the cuteness for yourself, check out Meisha and her piggies below!

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Feature image courtesy of meisha_the_rottweiler/Instagram

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