Lonely Puppy Makes Beeline For Student, Wanting To Go Home With Her

Written by: Julie Hunt
| Published on May 11, 2023

Annie was studying abroad when she encountered a tiny, helpless puppy. The baby ran over to her, whimpering, wagging her little tail. She needed help, but before Annie could save her, she had to make sure Mama wasn’t around.


Turks and Caicos is inundated with strays. Annie’s heart went out to every animal that needed a home. If she could save them all, she would, but at least she could help this lonely pup that wasn’t even old enough to eat solid food. Annie got her hands on a makeshift bottle, and the puppy eagerly drank. It was apparent she hadn’t eaten in a while.


When Mama didn’t show, and locals confirmed she had been on her own, Annie decided to take the puppy home with her. Annie named her Midge. The only problem was that the student had only a week left of her program and then had to return home. Annie couldn’t fathom leaving Midge behind.


One phone call later changed Midge’s fate. What follows is incredible! We are so grateful for animal lovers like Annie! To see Midge’s story and find out what happens next, scroll on down.

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