Missing Pit Bull Travels 1,500 Miles In Only A Few Weeks

When a Pit Bull from Killeen, Texas, disappeared for weeks, his family worried they’d never see their loving dog again. Bruassard, the Pit Bull, had gotten out of his fenced-in yard a few times, but he always returned shortly after thanks to the help of his neighbors. So, when Kenneth Green returned home to find his backyard gate open and Bruassard missing, he was sure the pup would turn up soon.

But the missing Pit Bull never appeared. None of Green’s neighbors had seen the pup, so Green panicked. For several weeks, Green had no idea where his furry friend was.

Adorable Pit Bull

Beloved Pit Bull Disappears

Green put 100 missing dog fliers across Killeen and neighboring cities. But for about a month, no one reached out, so Green began to worry that he’d never see Bruassard again.

“The neighbors usually bring him back if he gets out or gets lost and he never turned up,” said Green. “He’s a part of our family, so everybody was trying to make peace with it, but it was hard. You walk in the house and he’s not running up to you.”

Just as Green gave up hope, he got an unusual call from the Niagara SPCA in New York. They said they found a Pit Bull wandering around Lewiston, a retirement community just outside of Niagara Falls. John Bondi, an investigator, brought the pup to the shelter. When they scanned the pup’s microchip, it linked them to Green’s information.

Missing Texas Pit Bull

Green couldn’t believe it. It seemed impossible for a dog to make it across the country in such a short time. He asked the shelter to send him a photo of Bruassard, and sure enough, the photo confirmed that Green’s dog was in New York.

A 1,500-Mile Journey

Green didn’t hesitate when he found out Bruassard was in Niagara Falls. He hopped in the car and drove over 1,500 miles to pick up his dog. Of course, Bruassard was overjoyed to see his human again, but he seemed even more excited to hop in the car and drive home.

No one knows how the Pit Bull traveled so far, but the obvious guess is that someone stole him and drove him that far without checking his microchip. Yet, Bondi said that it’s unusual for someone to dump a dog in Lewiston. Regardless of Bruassard’s journey, Green is just grateful to have him back.

Missing Pit Bull reunited

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“I’ll put it like this, any word that has to deal with euphoria, that’s how I feel,” Green said.

Green is now reminding other pet parents to microchip their dogs and keep their contact information up to date. Doing so will increase the chances of your dog returning home if they get lost. After all, Bruassard never would’ve gotten back home from New York if he wasn’t chipped.

Featured Image: kwtx.com

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