NFL Star Christian McCaffrey Gleefully Reunites With His Dog

Sorry to bring this up again for any Carolina Panthers fans… Christian McCaffrey recently sprained his ankle, landing him on the reserve/injury list. The running back’s injury will keep him out of play for at least four to six weeks. He hopes to play again sooner than that. For now though, he’s healing and waiting it out at home.

A few days ago, McCaffrey’s girlfriend (supermodel Olivia Culpo) returned home with her toy Golden Doodle Oliver Sprinkles in tow. She shared the cutest video in her story of Oliver and McCaffrey reuniting, writing:

“Someone’s excited to see their dad!!!”

That’s a pretty accurate caption I’d say. Oliver was wriggling in Culpo’s arms the moment the two rounded the corner into their living room.


The tiny pup shot right over to his massive NFL player dad, who completely melted at the sight of him. McCaffrey couldn’t help but shriek “Hi buddy!” as he lied right down on the ground.


I’m sure I don’t have to tell you how therapeutic having a dog around is. Especially when you’re on the mend. McCaffrey’s beaming face and distinct use of “the baby voice” says it all: this is love!


Even though McCaffrey may be a beast on the field, he’s a sweet dog dad at home.

Oliver Sprinkles, Social Media Icon

Unfortunately, you won’t see McCaffrey sharing much on his Instagram that doesn’t relate to football. But you definitely can find a ton of [adorable] pictures of Oliver Sprinkles on Olivia Culpo’s Instagram. Can’t really say I blame her, he’s extremely cute.


Plus, big surprise, Oliver Sprinkles has a popular Instagram account of his own: @OliverSprinkles. Over 12.7k people follow it so far.

This dog seems like he’s pretty spoiled, which of course is what I would do if I were a supermodel/NFL player couple with means.


Oliver Sprinkles goes pretty much everywhere with Culpo. He also frequently sits on her lap or rests in her arms. I would never want to put him down either!


Fans of the couple also adore little Oliver.

Just want to kiss that puppy!!” – @ct7447 via Instagram

“He looks like a cute puppet.” – @ldub2006 via Instagram

“This is the cutest muffin I’ve ever seen in my life.” -@amanda4900 via Instagram

If you think Golden Doodles like Oliver Sprinkles are the cutest dogs out there, look into rescue organizations before you reach out to breeders.

Featured Image: @oliviaculpo/Instagram

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