Your Pet’s Digestive Health Begins With The NomNomNow INSIGHTS Microbiome Testing Kit

At iHeartDogs, we believe nutritious food is essential for a healthy, happy pet. That’s why we have partnered with NomNowNow, an innovative pet food company dedicated to providing the fresh, hearty ingredients dogs and cats need to thrive!

Excellent health starts from within. In order to reap the benefits of a nutritious diet, our pets must have healthy digestive systems. The gastrointestinal tracts of dogs and cats are home to trillions of bacteria that have a profound impact on their well-being. Factors such as diet, age, and intestinal illness can throw off the delicate balance of the gut microbiome, impacting digestion, immunity, weight, and even behavior.

The NomNomNow: INSIGHTS Microbiome Testing Kit for Pets is your opportunity to evaluate the bacterial contents of your pet’s gut, and learn how to optimize their health. The process is two-fold. First, you complete a brief health survey on behalf of your pet. Next, you simply collect a sample of your pet’s stool and send it on its way using the pre-paid envelope included in your at-home assessment kit.

The scientists at NomNomNow will utilize the latest technology in bacterial DNA sequencing to analyze your pet’s sample. Along with the results, you will gain a better understanding of your pet’s microbiome – including its diversity, composition, and how it compares with other healthy dogs and cats.

Check out Sofie’s results:

If your pet has abnormal results, we suggest trying NomNomNow fresh food as it can help to facilitate a healthy gut.

With the NomNomNow: INSIGHTS Microbiome Testing Kit you obtain the knowledge and power needed to make the healthiest nutritional decisions on your dog or cat’s behalf. Order yours today for only $59!