Patrick Stewart Fosters A Pit Bull & Falls In Love At First Sight

Just when you thought Patrick Stewart couldn’t get any cooler, the iconic actor behind Star Trek‘s Captain Picard, The X-Men‘s Dr. Charles Xavier, and those hilarious Strongbow commercials, goes and fosters the cutest chocolate Pit Bull on earth!

He may be known for portraying powerful leaders, but it’s clear that Ginger has completely conquered Stewart’s heart!

The knighted actor and his wife, musician Sunny Ozell, have been in love with Pibbles ever since meeting their neighbor’s dog, Sadie. Stewart has even been working with the ASPCA on an anti-dog fighting campaign.

It was through this association that he “expressed interest in fostering a dog, specifically a pit bull type dog,” according to ASPCA spokesperson Emily Schneider. “We connected him with a wonderful L.A.-based rescue, Wags and Walks, and introduced Patrick and his wife to Ginger,” she told

Wags and Walks pulled Ginger from an overcrowded L.A. shelter when Lesley Brog, one of the founders of the nonprofit group, took a special shine to her. Brog describes sweet, gentle Ginger as her “spirit animal.” With that in mind, they decided she was the perfect selection for newbie foster pawrents, Stewart and Ozell.

Ginger arrived at their door on Wednesday evening and the heartwarmingly adorable shenanigans began! Right off the bat you can see that Stewart is putty in Ginger’s paws.

On their first full day together, Ginger joined Stewart for a relaxing dip in the pool. Well, by “joined him” I mean she danced around the edge and licked the water from Sir Stewart’s bald head! Note how he describes her as “my love” and frets about her hopping in or drinking the pool water. Oh yeah, the man’s been bitten by the love bug!

Like any good pair of surrogate dog parents, the couple set down some ground rules. Mainly, no Pibbles on the furniture. But it didn’t take long for Stewart to cave to Ginger’s persuasively cute blocky head and wagging tail.

And Ozell isn’t immune to the rescue pup’s charms either! Here she is letting the 60-pound pooch climb into her lap on the couch for a little TV time. She told Brog via text that Ginger is “an angel in fur.”

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She also posted this clip of her cradling Ginger like a massive infant to Stewart’s Facebook page. There’s some serious baby talk going on in the Stewart-Ozell house!

There’s no word yet on whether the couple will become “foster failures” and keep Ginger for their own. Wags and Walks is currently taking applications on the famous pooch, and have expressed their gratitude for the positive awareness Stewart and Ozell are raising for dog rescue, Pit Bulls, and the joys of fostering.

“They’re just doing a really, really beautiful thing,” said Brog. “Hopefully this will help so many more.”

At the very least they are helping to dispel the harmful myths about Pit Bull-type dogs and bringing joy to millions through their delightful social media updates.

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