Peyton Manning Calls To Check On Bear Attack Survivor With The Same Name

Not only has he won over the hearts of football fans, but Peyton Manning has also won over the hearts of dog lovers around the world – again!
A tiny, 9-year-old Maltese/Silky Terrier mix recently defied all odds and escaped the jaws of a hungry black bear. The fluffy little pup surely lived up to his name by showing how mighty he was and how he was unwilling to quit. Little Peyton Manning (the dog, not the human), was rescued by his dad as the bear clamped down on his tiny body but what happened after his rescue was just as shocking.

Love Is Courageous

Peyton’s dad, Rev. Tim Stradling, wasn’t willing to let the bear steal away the family’s beloved pup so he did what any dog dad would do: He fought the bear. Peyton’s dad tried to look bigger, made loud noises, and even ran towards the bear in an attempt to free little Peyton Manning. At one point the bear left but came back for more.

Eventually, the bear left for good and the family found Peyton Manning hiding under a car. He was rushed to the hospital where doctors performed emergency surgery to close the puncture wounds on his neck and save his life.


Peyton Manning required an amputation of his left front leg but much like the quarterback he shares a name with, he isn’t letting an obstacle slow him down.

“He’s our small, broken, and bloodied mutt,” said Peyton’s dad. The courageous pup was already walking on three legs when he got home. “There are a lot of happy three-legged dogs.”

Little Peyton Manning Received A Pretty Big Phone Call

Now, Peyton Manning is getting celebrity attention. By who? You can probably guess!

That’s right. Peyton Manning himself personally called to check on his namesake. When Stradling’s phone recently rang with a restricted number, he thought it was just the vet giving him another update. However, Stradling recognized the voice on the other end of the phone. Stradling and Manning spoke for about 10 minutes as Manning expressed his sincere concerns over Peyton’s trauma.

“We had a little exchange,” Stradling said. “He was kind” and was concerned about Peyton. Manning said he is the owner of two black Labrador Retrievers and a Chihuahua,” Stradling told Trib Live.


It just goes to show that dog lovers come from all walks of life with one thing in common: Their compassion for others who also share the true love of dogs.

Featured Photo: @BethStradling/Facebook

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