Stabbed Police Dog Reveals Unbelievable Skill on Britain’s Got Talent

A 9-year-old German Shepherd is magical for two reasons. One: he made a miraculous recovery from a life-threatening stab wound. Two: Finn, the German Shepherd, brought Simon Cowell to tears with his story on Britain’s Got Talent.

Finn stabbed police dog 2

Canine Hero

Finn and his police handler Dave Wardell became partners from Finn’s birth. They worked together without serious incident until 2016. Dave and Finn were tracking an armed suspect. When the suspect attempted to stab Dave with a 10-inch blade, Finn jumped in to rescue his friend and partner. He took the brunt of the assailant’s force.

Despite severe stab wounds in his chest and head, heroic Finn refused to release the suspect. Dave also suffered an injury to his hand.

Once Dave handcuffed the suspect, he rushed Finn to the emergency room. One of Finn’s lungs was punctured. Thankfully his heart was intact. He was immediately admitted for surgery and the doctors were able to save his life.

After his surgery, Finn needed machines to assist his breathing. It was a long recovery, but once he healed, the brave dog went back to work. Eventually, he retired and Dave brought the pup home to live with his family.

Dave told SWNS, “Finn is an amazing partner. I can’t think of anyone or any animal I’d rather work with. His enthusiasm every day is second to none and it does rub off on you – he’s always raring to go.”

Local Celebrity

Now in retirement, Finn is a crusader for animal rights. Dave brought his best friend on to Britain’s Got Talent to showcase his skills and bring awareness. Dave and Finn shared two “mind-reading” tricks with the BGT judges. Then Dave told the audience about their cause: Finn’s law. The legislation pushes for harsher punishments for hurting service dogs. There wasn’t a dry eye in the house!

Now that Finn is no longer working, the two buddies spend their free time together. Dave even took Finn for a slow ride on a Waverunner.

Watch Finn’s story and see if you can keep yourself from tearing up at this beautiful friendship and show of strength.

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