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Parents Allowed Their Kid To Color On Puppy When She Was No Longer Wanted

Written by: Julie Hunt
Julie Hunt is an avid dog lover and writer for, and has a background as a veterinary technician. She rescued a beautiful former bait dog named Rory.Read more
| Published on September 27, 2023

When Lee from Asher House rescued a Basset Hound puppy, he was shocked to find her covered in magic marker. She cried constantly from severe trauma. The puppy, named Poppy, was not what the family expected and surrendered her to Lee. It was apparent that their toddler had drawn all over Poppy. Lee was unsure what else may have happened to her. She constantly cried, and Lee worried she might be sick. He quickly scheduled a vet appointment to ensure her health.


Upon bringing Poppy home, Lee decided not to introduce her to his other dogs right away, as she seemed tense and scared. Instead, he focused on cleaning her up and making her feel comfortable. Lee gave her a bath, during which he discovered that the marker scribbles were not permanent and could be washed off.


Despite Lee’s efforts to make Poppy feel at ease, she remained frightened and withdrawn. He realized it would take time and patience to help her overcome her trauma. He showered her with love and attention. Once Poppy was ready to be with the pack, the other dogs played with her. Their interactions helped Poppy come out of her shell.


As the days went by, Poppy began to show her true personality. She transformed from a scared, traumatized puppy into a fun, adventurous, and outgoing dog. Lee was amazed by the change in her demeanor and realized how special she truly was.

Poppy’s journey to recovery was not an easy one, but with the love and support of Lee and his pack of dogs, she was able to embrace her new life. Lee’s dedication to helping Poppy heal is why animal rescuers and fosters are treasured heroes. Thanks to them, dogs like Poppy can live beautiful, happy lives despite their past.

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