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AgriChew™ – The Accidental, Industrial Strength Dog Toy for Extreme Chewers


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The AgriChew™ is the unexpectedly addicting toy your extreme chewer has been waiting for. This toy is great as a fetch toy and features an unpredictable bounce that dogs go nuts over. The material is sturdy yet has just enough “give” to be gentle on dogs’ teeth.

You’ll be amazed at how dogs instinctively latch on to the toy and settle in for a good chew session. To make this toy even more of a reward for your pup, put a treat in the hole or fill with peanut butter!

How This Odd Toy Came To Be May Surprise You

If you think the AgriChew is an odd-looking toy, just wait until you hear how it was created! Mark Smith, an American inventor and founder of his family-run (dog friendly) business specializing in heavy agricultural machinery, designed the “puck” as a shock-absorbing part for use in irrigation equipment. One day in a meeting, one of the family dogs was given the puck to keep him occupied. The dog immediately took to the piece as a chew toy and that’s when Mark knew this was something special. Watch the video below to get the full story in Mark’s own words.

The AgriChew™ dog toy for extreme chewers is made of a tough, yet flexible TPU material (Thermoplastic polyurethane)  that is pet-safe, non-toxic, FDA and RoHS compliant, and free of any known sources of lead, cadmium, mercury, latex, natural rubber, phthalates, hormones, BPA (Bisphenol A ), or asbestos.

Tips for Use:
 No dog toy is indestructible, and we recommend allowing your dog to play in short sessions, which extends the life of toys, and keeps the dog most engaged and interested. Do not allow your dog to gnaw on the toy for extended periods of time.

For Easy Cleaning : Dishwasher or Washing Machine safe

Material: Pet-safe TPU
Measurements: 2 3/4″ in width, 2 3/4 ” in length, 1 1/8″ in height
4 Nubs: Approximately 3/4″ in length, 1″ in width each nub
Weight: 5.6 oz

In stock

This product provides 1 Dog Toy
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Verified Customer Reviews


My dog loves the Agrichew and my my sister’s blue heeler, a mega power chewer, loves hers too. Finally a toy she hasn’t busted through!! Thank you for these!! By: Jennifer


Excellent quality but it's too big for my little MinPin/Chi mix. Wish it also came in a small size for small dogs. By: Mary


My toy poodle (who is a chewer) loves this product! By: Caren


Haven't torn them up yet By: Jimmy


My dogs LOVE this toy! This is the go to toy in the toy box! It's very durable. By: Christy


Only toy I’ve had for my destructo-mutt she hasn’t killed in less than a week. In fact, she’s only made minimal progress but she loves it! And I do too because it lasts!! By: Bradley


my dog love it he is a chewer By: Donna


No comment entered by customer. By: Lisa


My dogs like and enjoy them By: Tracy


No comment entered by customer. By: gary


Excellent "accidental product". First chew that tires my Retrievers out!. By: Thomas


No comment entered by customer. By: Amanda


This toy has definitely held up to its advertising. I have a very aggressive chewer and it has slowly broken down but not enough for her to eat or swallow or tear up completely. She loves it and the other baby carries his around all the time too!! In my opinion it is better than the Kong toys or tuff stuff fabrics, very durable. Durable beyond expectations!!! Will definitely order more of these- IF the current ones ever need replacing. By: Miranda


No comment entered by customer. By: DOREEN


Both dogs (mother/daugjter) love the Agrichew. By: Sandy


No comment entered by customer. By: Tracy


They love it. By: jeannie


My 8 yo lab mix, who isn’t a big toy girl, jumped on this chew toy! She chomped on it for a while; so cute! By: Karen


No comment entered by customer. By: Karen


We like them and have ordered them twice now. Need to keep watch as a heavy chewer will do a number on them. Better than anything we have found to date. By: Robert


Great for aggressive chewers! This is the go for item in their toy box for my two golden doodles and standard poodle. By: Brenda


Very strong toy! My dog is a pit boxer mix By: Katie


My dogs LOVE this and my mega chewer hasn't destroyed it yet which is pretty unusual for her! If I need to keep them busy for a little while I'll put a little peanut butter in the middle and freeze it before giving it to them. They love licking off the frozen peanut butter and continue playing with the toy after they peanut butter is gone. By: Christie


My dog is a very aggressive chewer and he loves this, but I only let him chew for short periods of time since he chews off tiny pieces of it. I trim off the small pieces off and it’s ready for the next time I give it to him. By: Lori


My dog loves them. By: Michelle


Still together, in one piece, which is saying a lot for toys that my bulldogs play with. They were able to make teeth marks into it pretty quickly, creating sharp areas. But I would purchase it again since it is lasting... By: Jennifer


This is the best chew toy ever. I bought 2 for my dog. Gave one to my daughter for her dogs. Had to order 2 more. The dogs love them! By: Millie


I appreciate what I heart dogs represents, and I thought based on the description of the AgriChew, being "industrial strength" there was some hope for my heavy chewer to finally get a toy that wasn't immediately destroyed. I ordered two with high hopes, only to be disappointed. Within one hour, my 50lb dog had already decimated one of the 'cogs' in the toy and couldn't be trusted with it any longer for fear he'd eat the plastic bits he was tearing off of it. The 2nd toy held up no better. By: Judi

Customer service response: Hi Judi ~ Thank you for your feedback about the AgriChew. I'm sorry it didn't work out well for your dogs, but I do see that one of our agents has already been in touch with a resolution. Thank you for your continued support of the shelter dogs!


It;s a great chew toy but my puppy can't use it sufficiently yet because her teeth are too tiny, hopefully when she gets bigger she will take to more. By: Amy


Our HEAVY CHEWER loves this. Although some small chips have been gnawed off. We only let him chew on it for short periods of time and always supervised. Thnaks. By: Deborah

Customer service response: Hi Deborah ~ Thank you for your feedback for the AgriChew. We're so glad to hear your heavy chewer is enjoying this fun toy! No toy is indestructible, but this one comes pretty close and it should last much longer than other chew toys. Thank you for your support!

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